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Aluminium oxide thermal conductive plate 115*115*2mm multiholes ceramic heat sink ceramic processing

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Aluminium oxide ceramic wear-resisting substrate

Material: 96% AL2O3 white natural inorganic material

Common thickness: 0.385~0.8~1.0~2.0~3.0~25mm

Common specification: TO-220,TO-247,TO-254,TO-257,TO-258,TO-264,TO-3P,TO-3

Customization dimension: 4mm - 280mm for length and width can be done,with SGS environmental protection certifications.

Inaddition,we have more than 1000 kinds of ceramic substrate common dimensions,in stock,please consult our service staff.

Also welcome to offer us the drawing paper,the material can be processed,custom-made,incised,punching,cutting-up,polishing,made mould,several kinds of thicknesses can be chosen,also we have 99% alumina ceramic substrate,the same to this 96% specification,and in stock,what's more,the ceramic can be handled by covering metal,The ceramic plate which has been covered by copper can be electroplated by gold,silver,copper,tin,nickel.

Let's introduce the aluminium oxide wear-resisting ceramic substrate for you:

Product comparision(with ordinary heat conductive ceramic cloth):


1. Thermal radiation effect:

The ceramic material don't gather heat.    Less effect on heat dissipation of insulation layer.
Less effect on heat dissipation of insulation layer.      
High thermal conductivity.Worse heat conductivity

2.Effect of heat conduction:

Be transfered by ceramic substrate directly as an entire body
Heating unit--->heat conduction layer---> insulation layer--->heat conduction layer
The heat conduction will not be damping owing to the insulation layer
Can bring more heat within the same unit time
Lower thermal coefficient,the thermal coefficient can be damping

3.Effect of heat dissipation:

In the same unit volume,effect of heat dissipation prevail over copper,aluminum
A worse heat dissipation
Effectively anti-free,long service life
A worse anti-free effect,shorter service life

4.Effect of insulation:

Thermal resistance:   0.3K/W
Thermal resistance:          0.75K/WThermal resistance:          0.3 - 0.5K/W
Thermal conductivity: 29.3 W/m.kThermal conductivity:      2.56W/m.k
Thermal conductivity:      0.8-4.5W/m.k
Insulation feature:           22.3KV/mm
Insulation feature:            NoneInsulation feature:            4-8kv/mm

The nine extrordinary features of Alumina ceramic substrate:

1.Fast heat dissipation:

The heat capacity of ceramic is lower,it will not form a thermal ladder like metal heat sink chip,badly influence heat dissipation.

2.Insulation,high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance,acid and alkali resistance:

The ceramic itself has these features of insulation,high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance,acid and alkali resistance,cold and hot balance,

Lower heat expansivity guaranteed the stability when it is in high or low temperature  or other ill-being environments.

3.Multidirectional heat dissipation:

The ceramic material has the multidirectional heat dissipation feature,intensify the thermal conduction.

4.Natural inorganic material:

the exemption product for EU,with environmental compliance.

5.Anti-interference and anti-static:

Ceramics can effectively resist interference and static electricity and moisture absorption, will not affect the ceramic itself.

6.Unique crystal structure,effectively for heat transfer:

The largely it's the hollow structure of the ceramic itself, which effectively increases the heat dissipation area in contact with the new air and greatly increases the heat dissipation effect.Under the same condition, the heat dissipation effect surpasses that of copper and aluminum in the natural state,and 8 times heat radiation than new metal material.


Ceramic small size, light weight, do not take up much space, both save material, also save freight, more beneficial to the rational layout of product design.

8.IC,Mos,audion etc:

Alumina ceramic sheet is suitable for IC,Mos,audion, schottky IGBT and other surface heat sources that need heat dissipation. It can withstand large current, high voltage and leakage breakdown. It has no noise and will not produce coupling parasitic capacitance with Mos power.

9.Suitable for high-power equipment:

Especially suitable for high-power equipment, the required creepage distance is shorter than that required by metal body, which further saves space and is more beneficial to the design of engineers and the certification of electrical appliances.Design space stresses light, thin, short, small.


It can be used for high-power audion, field effect tube, voltage stabilizing module (LM78 series,LM317 series, sanyo power thick mode, source thick mode), various audio power amplifier module (TDA series), high-power silicon controlled module (Omron series) integrated rectifier module.High temperature insulation with other heating elements, and heat dissipation insulation of high-power LED lamp circuit board are generally used for: high-density switching power supply, high-frequency communication equipment, induction cooker, special heating lamp electronic products and equipment.

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