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Introduction of thermal graphite film

Introduction of thermal graphite film:

Thermal graphite sheet is a new thermal conductivity and heat dissipation material, which conducts heat evenly along the two sides, shielding heat source and components and improving the performance of consumer electronics products. The color is generally black, the material is natural graphite after delicate processing, thermal conductivity in the horizontal direction of up to 1500W/ m-K. Use IC, CPU, MOS, LED, heat sink, LD-TV, notebook computers, communication equipment, wireless switches, DVD, handheld devices, etc.


1.The surface can be combined with metal, plastic, adhesive and other materials to meet more design functions and needs.

2.Low thermal resistance: 40% lower than aluminum, 20% lower than copper.

3.Light weight: 25% lighter than aluminum, 75% lighter than copper.

4.High thermal conductivity: graphite radiator can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface, and can be cut in any form according to customer requirements.


Graphite film is easy to process and easy to install.Artificial graphite film with its high thermal conductivity, high reliability, thin, easy processing, environmental protection and other excellent characteristics are widely used in new energy, energy saving transformation and other important emerging industries, such as photovoltaic inverter, wind converters, frequency converters, and in the field of power electronics technology such as LED has a huge application prospect. Of course, this type of product is most widely used in smart phones, such as Apple mobile phone, Samsung mobile phone. At the same time in the notebook, handheld devices, communication base station equipment has been used in business.


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