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Applications of natural mica sheets

Introduction and applications:

There are many kinds of natural mica. There are two kinds of white mica and gold mica used as electrical insulation materials. White mica has glass luster, generally colorless and transparent; Gold mica has metallic luster and semi-metallic luster, common gold, brown, light green and so on, poor transparency. Muscovite and gold mica have good electrical and mechanical properties, good heat resistance, good chemical stability and good corona resistance. Both types of mica can be stripped and processed into soft, elastic flakes of 0.01 to 0.03 mm thick. The electrical properties of Muscovite are better than that of gold mica, but the softness and heat resistance of gold mica are better than that of white mica.

Natural mica sheet is made of thick mica after stripping, fixed thickness, cutting, drilling or punching, with a certain thickness and shape of mica parts, the product is suitable for television, power capacitor, thermal relay, monitor display, aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, heat resistant frame sheet and so on as raw materials. Components: electric heater chip, electric heater protection piece, gasket, electronic tube piece, light bulb piece, because its material is natural mineral products, has no pollution, insulation, voltage resistance performance is good, can according to customer demand punching various specifications of natural mica pieces.

Mica and its products are widely used as insulating materials in electrical products. Its varieties are: natural mica, synthetic mica, mica strip, mica plate, mica foil, mica glass and so on.


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