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The wide application of alumina ceramic sheet

With the development of science and technology and the progress of manufacturing technology, alumina ceramic sheets have been widely used in modern industry and modern science and technology.

1.Mechanical applications:

Wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining brick, lining plate, lining plate, alumina ceramic nails, ceramic seals (alumina ceramic ball valve, black alumina ceramic cutting tool, red alumina ceramic plunger, etc.).

2.Electronics and electricity applications:

All kinds of alumina ceramic substrate, substrate, ceramic membrane, high pressure sodium lamp transparent alumina ceramic and all kinds of alumina ceramic electrical insulation ceramic parts, electronic materials, magnetic materials, etc.

3.Chemical industry applications:

Alumina ceramic chemical filler ball, alumina ceramic microfiltration membrane, alumina ceramic anticorrosive coating.

4.Medicine applications:

Alumina ceramic artificial bone, hydroxyapatite coating polycrystalline alumina ceramic artificial teeth, artificial joints and so on.

5.Building Sanitary Ceramics appilcations:

Alumina ceramic lining brick and microcrystalline alumina ball stone are widely used in ball mills. Alumina ceramic roller, alumina ceramic protection tube and all kinds of alumina, alumina and other refractory materials combined application can be seen everywhere.

6.Other aspects applications:

Carbon fiber reinforced alumina ceramics, zirconia reinforced alumina ceramics and other toughened alumina ceramics and other composite modified alumina ceramics have been used more and more widely in the field of high technology. Alumina ceramic abrasives and high-grade polishing paste are playing an increasingly important role in machinery and jewelry processing industry. In addition, alumina ceramic grinding medium is also more and more widely used in coatings, coatings, cosmetics, food, medicine and other industries of raw materials grinding and processing.

Alumina ceramic sheets have been widely used in various fields in recent years because of their stable physical and chemical properties and excellent mechanical and electrical properties. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing level, new requirements are put forward for the properties of alumina ceramic sheets.


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